Mitsuhama Computer Technologies

Also known as MCT. They got fucked. Someone else can fill in details.

Standard Data Mitsuhama Computer Technologies Mitsuhama has undergone a lot of international asset-shuffling since the Crash, abandoning its presence in Tsimshian and the Philippines and bolstering its presence in San Francisco and Seattle. Seattle remains Mitsuhama’s North American HQ, and the heavy technology corp manages the city’s GridGuide systems (which have been entirely upgraded for AR, of course). Mitsuhama has research and manufacturing enclaves all over Seattle, particularly focused on electronics components, robotics, heavy industry, and industrial chemicals. Their mystic goods and services divisions are under heavy competition from Wuxing— both corps are battling over distribution rights to Seattle’s various lore shops, university departments, and magic groups.

> A few local MCT managers still have loyalty to the Watada-rengo Yakuza Clan back in Japan. They’re under orders to subvert Seattle’s Shotozumi-gumi whenever they can. > Mihoshi Oni

From Augmentation.

Mitsuhama Global leader in the production of microtronic components, robotic controls, and myomer musculature for cybernetics, Mitsuhama has expanded its interests in industrial nanotechnology towards development of state of the art personal nanoware. In recent years, its own lines of consumer cybernetics have declined despite the fact that the company remains the premiere supplier of third party cyberware components. Less focused on biotechnologies than its counterparts, Mitsuhama’s Parashield subsidiary is still making headlines with many of its new bio-drone releases.

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies Mitsuhama’s cybernetic products have always been known for their cutting-edge specifications, reliability, and quality without compromising affordability. Any cyberware MCT manufactures is subject to the same stringent and efficient processes and guidelines the corporation applies to its computer, drone, and robotics divisions. In fact, it has been the cross-pollination between these different areas of interest that have led to MCT’s major claim to fame in recent years—the introduction of modular cyberlimbs and plug-ins.

Our interaction with them.

They were the Fuckee, we were the Fuckers.

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies

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