A highly charismatic elf who serves as the Face and Sniper / overwatch for his current shadowrun group.


Real Name: Alexander De’Phorte Aliases: Joseph Johnson(4), Eric Anderson (3), Christopher Lee (3), Alexander Baker (4) Stats: Bod:3 Agi:6(8) Rea:2(4) Str: 3 Cha: 7 Int: 3 Log: 3 Will: 2 Edge: 3

Skills: Athletics group 2, Influence Group 2, Infiltration 5, Long arms 5 (spec Sniper rifles), Pistols: 2, Electrons Group 2, Navigation 1, Perception 3.

Knowledge Skills: Biotech 2, Etiquette 3, Negoation 2, Japanise Culture 2, Megacorporate Security 1,

Languages: English 6(n), Japanise 6(n), Uto-Aztechan 2

Contacts: Shhh.. you dont need to know all those…

Qualities: Guts

Cyberware: Commlink, Datajack, Skill wires (3), Wired Reflexes(II), Sleep Regulator, Muscle Toner (2), Cyber eyes (2), Cyber Ears (3)

Gear: Barret Model 151, Fake SIN (4,4,3,3), Chemelion Suit, Aries Preadator 4, Thundercloud Contrail, Active Soft Pilot ground (3), Active Soft Dodge (3), 24,000y in certified cred sticks, Armor Piercing rounds sniper (960), Armor Peircing rounds for Pistol (400), Linceses (Chemeleon Suit, Ares predator 4), Custom ‘mini bomber’ drone.


Alexander De’Phorte was born the son of a wage slave RnD man working in the NACS. His mother and father were both employed by a small physics research company which has been bought out when he was just 2 years old. In the buy out the two were given a nice retirment package in exchange for there stock options. He grew up in a realitively well off family, and left home at the age of 17 and joined the NACS Military, where he was trained as a sniper. After his 4 year tour of duty he was released honorably and decided to head to seattle. He has always maintined the highest quality of living, great place in a AAA neighborhood, nice bike and car. However once out in the civilian world he was quickly bored with his exsistance and running out of money. Thats when he started recruiting the Runners he’s with now. Ace considers himself the defacto leader of the group because of his rolls within the group. He serves as the Face for the group, negoating for pay and talking the group out of trouble. He also contributes to Runs themselves by providing overwatch and fire support for the actual ‘Door Crew’ on the runs, employing his Barret Model 151 to excellent effect in both supression and elimination of opposition. He does however have a slight moral objection to ‘wet work’ and will only undertake it when the target can be justified. He does however have no issues with taking out armed personel near or threating his group.


Conclave Ace