The witch, the wardrobe, and the lions.

Shadowrun adventures for montgomery alabama

Alright, after our incident at the stuffer shack about a week later one of Trigs connections clues us into a job. So we go to meet our ‘Mrs. Johnson’ and while Trigs connection said the job seemed a bit flaky, he did not mention that it was for a ‘bat shit crazy’ green peace nut. So we meet our ‘Mrs. Johnson’ and the job it that some group of people had taken up residence in one of the local warehouse districts down in the barrens, and they were shooting up kids and just generaly behaving in an odd manner. We took the job because the pay was descent, well it was descent after I haggled her up a bit.

So we go to check out the area in our normal manner, Me on point, the Shaggin waggon loaded down behind, and Stinky on the hog behind. We get jumped on the way to the warehouses in the barrons by some bike punk jacker tools. We made pretty short work of them, without any damage to us except my poor bike getting rammed by a recently vacated Hog that was rolling down the block sans driver (who was curled in the fetal position in a gutter nursing the gunshots that unmounted him). So we roll on, and get to the warehouses in question.

I set up an over watch a few blocks away on top of some ghetto housing building that has descent over watch and the kid hacks the interanal camers and doors of the target warehouses. We get video from the cameras, showing us that we got no less than 4 baddies with assault rifles and light armor on, as well as half a dozen Hell hounds and a pair of Barghests in cages inside. Also a large tractor trailer on one wall that we got no idea whats inside, but we can see an airlock style door on the side of it.

While this intel is comming in the team moves from their extract point to the front of the building. After a quick comm call to get Hippy chick and her friends here to do something with all these poor animals that are caged up, she says she’s got people inbound and we kick in the door.

A massive fire fight erupts, full scale, assault rifles, grenades the whole lot. The entry team consisted of Trig, Wrench, Hat, and Stinky. Stinky broke right on entry and gunned down one of the 4 guards, Wrench and Hat went left, going for a staircase that overlooked the warehouse, and trig sat in the door playing sniper king. A few of the entry team took rounds. I snapped off a shot from my perch and took out some guy on an adjascent building that had a rifle on his back. The entry team used firepower and magic to make quick work of the 4 guards. A few grenades went off, some light damage to the entry team.. a few rounds did some damage to the team, but their armor took most of it.

So just as things are claming down inside a van comes crashing into the building and parks right next to the Trailer inside and some one jumps fromt he van inside. Well having no desire to sit boared while my guys get shot up from the auto turret that deployed up from the van, I started putting AP rounds from my Barret 151 throguh the building into the van (yep i could not see the van, but i knew where it was in the building form the video feeds).

So the whole party, overwatch, everyone but kid (who is hacking the cams and such still to clean up the data mess were making with every minute) is opening up on this van. smoke canisters and LMG/Assault rifles rounds are pooring out from the firing ports on it, were shooting back at it. Someone runs out of the trailer covering what we could only guess is some kinda wage slave scientist from inside. The van starts to back out and Hat sends a fire elemental inside the van with orders to ‘kill everyone inside the van’ which through a combination of Elemental magics, and High powered AP rounds from me, we manage to kill everyone inside. The goons did kill the wage geek inside the van when one of my rounds disabled it. So sadly another science geek dead.

Pressing on, our hippy princess, we’ll call her Alice for convinence and her tree hugging friends show up and load up the critters, promising us they will let them out once they are clear of the city and they wont do any damage. We collect our pay, and are off. End of run good night sweet prince.


Turns out the Hippy is an Orc Shaman, at least one of her aliases was Leaf. Her and her friends turned the Paracritters loose in the city and several people were killed while they were fleeing to the country.

The scientist turned out to be a Ms Josephine Vautier, a Paranimal Researcher for Shiawase who was extracted 4 months ago.



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