Look Up in the Sky

This started out as a simple B&E. We were supposed to plant a small package in a MCT facility and see that it remained hidden for 12 hours. The Johnson had a plan and payoffs already in place.

The plan was for one person to go in under a preset cover of being a janitor. It was decided that HatTrick would be the one to go in, since he wasn’t cybered and would need a weapon to deal some hurt.

The location was a 12 story building in downtown. Part of the facility was a convention center that happened to be hosting a Tech Fair. We placed Ace and Trig on rooftops to cover the location from differant angles and Wrench, Jurgen and Skip stayed with the truck to provide transport for an escape if needed. (It was)

Hat went in and played his role for about two hours until he reached the target room. The room appeared to house servers on a closed system and was occupied by a data geek, Toshi, that was expecting a Shadowrunner team to extract him. Before Hat could stop him, Toshi launched somekind of alert on the system.

Seeing the oppurtunity to disguise the B&E as a simple extraction, Hat grabbed up the geek and headed for the south wall. Using the services of an Earth Elemental from the inside and Ace’s high powered rifle shots from the outside, it didn’t take long to have a whole in the wall big enough for Hat and the Geek to jump. Casting a Levitate spell Hat flew to the waiting Van, with the Geek in tow.

A news crew on the ground took an interest in the flying man, until Ace vaporized their camera with some high power lovin’.

What followed was a running gun battle and mayhem at the safe house.



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