Food Run

It was late and we were hungry

(written from Wrench’s perspective)

Our first run was really more of a wrong place, wrong (or right, depending how you look at it) time. It was a weekend and our team was hungry and in need of beer. So we headed to the closest place open at the time, a stuffer shack. So we had our normal vehicle set-up. Ace was on his bike in the front, I was driving my SUV with HatTrick, Trig, and Skip (aka Kid) riding along, and the dwarf was following the SUV on his hog. Well on the way some idiot pulls out in front of Ace. He manages to avoid crashing into the damned fool. I easily slow down and give Ace shit. The dwarf remained completely oblivious to anything even occuring.

Well we get to the stuffer shack rolling up in style. We decide to make the dwarf stand guard over the vehicles while we run in and grab stuff. He kind of stinks. Well Hat and I head to the back of the store to grab several cases of beer from the coolers. Ace walks up to the counter to start chatting with the chick working. Trig grabbed some slushees. And the Kid was checking out the video games. There were a couple other people in the store but they didn’t seem like any trouble so we weren’t worried about them. But as Hat and I grabbed the beer and started back toward the front, a couple of punk gangers show up to rob the place. Yeah. We didn’t really have any warning other than the dwarf being walked in with a gun to his head.

Well the gangers start rounding everyone up and pushing them to the front of the store. This is where it gets interesting. Ok Ace trying to look all badass attacks one of the gangers. Unfortunately he failed to notice the katana stuck under the dudes jacket. While he attacked the guy who appeared to be the leader (the dude with the hidden katana), the rest of us sprang into action. Hat started blasting one of the guys with his magic, Trig opened fire, Kid started trying to hack katana boys cyber, the dwarf pulled damn chainaxes from who knows where, and I carefully set down the 6 cases and then drew my gun. Yeah. The fight didn’t last too long between Hat blasting people with magic and Trig blowing up heads with explosive rounds. Ace managed to get hit by a stun baton and sat twitching for a bit. The dwarf cut one of the guys in half. And the Kid hacked the computer system and made sure we didn’t show up on the cameras. As soon as the ganger’s were dead or ran like hell, we went back to buying our food.

Somehow the night ended with Ace convincing the chick behind the counter that she needed to relax and not think about what had happened. He convinced her to call some of her friends and come party with us. And while it was entertaining, I’m up for making beer runs before we should be drinking and not while we should be drinking.


That was entertinaing wrench. I’ll post something in the near future, as soon as I figure out how to join the campaign.

Food Run

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